Palladino Power Project is a personal coaching and consulting service for middle distance and distance running. Coach Steve Palladino specializes in training and racing with a power meter (Stryd running power meter)
My background includes: 2:16 marathon PR and 1980 Olympic Trials Qualifier, 30+ years as a medical professional, and 15 years of training and racing with a power meter.
My philosophy is that training should be individualized, with a goal of gradual progression and injury avoidance.
It is my belief that training and racing with a running power meter completely enables my philosophy.
I offer my personal coaching service in person and electronically. I currently charge $375/quarter for detailed personalized coaching. I also consult for large and small running training related projects on a fee TBD basis. Additionally, I offer pre-configured training plans for 5k through marathon racing through Final Surge.
Contact me via the email option here or by FB messaging.