Training Plan
12 week Ironman Elite (12 Weeks)

Elite level with only 3 runs a week. this isn't fancy but it will get you in amazing Ironman shape


Only $30.00

Sample Week of Training

Swim - 8x 500m

8x 500m +25s

This is an aerobic session. You can use a pool buoy if needed

Planned: 4.0 km

Bike - Easy Spin

This ride is all easy

Planned: 2:00:00

Bike - 30min effort

Keep this ride moderate. Keeping in mind the cool down, Include a 30min time trial at the end.

Planned: 3:00:00

Swim - Nonstop or Open water

This is a 30min nonstop swim. Can do this in the pool or open water session. No need to push effort here, just cruising pace.

Planned: 30:00

Swim - 500, 30x50, 1500

500m +25s
30x 50m +10s
1500m pull and paddles

Planned: 3.5 km

Run - 40min + 30min

40min moderate
30min medium
10min easy

Planned: 1:20:00

Bike - Morning Ride - Session 1

1hr moderate effort
30min medium effort
30min easy

Planned: 2:00:00

Bike - Afternoon Ride - Session 2

Warm Up:
15min easy

Main Set:
1hr at race effort

Cool down:
15min easy

Planned: 1:30:00

Swim - 9x 400

3x 400m pull +25s
3x 400m pull and paddles +25s
3x 400m fast +25s

Planned: 3.6 km


70min run. Start off easy and build to race effort

Planned: 1:00:00

Bike - 5x 15min

10min easy
2:15min moderate effort
5x 15min medium, 10min easy

Cool down:
10min easy

Planned: 5:00:00

Swim - 12x 200m

12x 200m +25s
Make first and last set easy, rest should be at a medium effort

Planned: 2.4 km

Run - 20min effort

Keep this run at a moderate effort, Keeping in mind the cool down, include a 20min medium effort at the end

Planned: 2:20:00

How It Works

When you purchase this training plan, your plan will automatically get loaded into the Final Surge training calendar for you to use as many times as you want. Final Surge allows you to view and track your training, record distance and duration, upload data from Garmin and other fitness devices, and much more. Use the Final Surge mobile app to view your training plan on the go and record your workouts. Each night your workout for the upcoming day will be emailed to you so that it is sitting in your inbox the next morning.

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