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About PerfectStride
Eric graduated from University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computing Science respectively. After a successful career in the world of HighTech/IT, Eric left the industry having burned out by the tech startup lifestyle.Β  In December 2013, Eric and his brother Paul went on a life changing 6-month backpacking trip to Central and South America.Β  When they got back home, they made a drastic change to pursue a career in holistic health and coaching athletes. Eric and Paul graduated Certified Holistic Nutritionist Practitioner with first class honors in 2015 and founded PerfectStride Running, a personalized coaching service that works with clients involved in the sport of distance running.Β  They both have extensive experience competing in marathons, ultra marathons, and triathlons including Ironman.

In February 2017, Eric and Paul broke the World Record for running ”Most Desert Races Ran In One Year" after embarking on an incredible journey traveling around the world over six continents. Through their endeavors, they want to show that anyone is capable of achieving great things if they truly want something and believe in themselves.

- Heach Coach & CoFounder of @perfectstriderunning
- Certified Holistic Nutritionist Practitioner (CNP) πŸ₯‘
- Lydiard Certified RunCoach Level I & II πŸƒπŸ»
- Multiple-Time Boston Qualifier πŸ¦„
- IRONMAN Finisher 🚴🏼
- 8 Deserts Ultramarathon World Record Holder πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Integrated Services Offered (All-Inclusive)
- Customized online training plan updated bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on customers needs)
- Customized Stretching exercises recommendations
- Customized Injury prevention tips
- Perfect Stride private Chat Group on WhatsApp & Facebook to interact with all your teammates.
- Unlimited email/instant message communication (Reply within reasonable timeframe during working hours)
- Develop not only your fitness but also your mental game (The most important tool in performing your best!)
- All the wisdom that I have gathered from all the years
  - Training/racing triathlons
  - Road running
  - Ultra-marathon running
  - Desert running
  - Multistage racing
  - Up to date information about the latest news/development in the world of Road/Ultra scene
  - Periodic Running Form assessment
- Advice on race preparation, running gear

Nutritional Services
- General Nutritional advice (FREE, inclusive)
- Customized Nutritional Consultation & Meal Planning (Avail Upon Request)
  - Nutrition to reach optimal racing weight
  - Nutrition for optimal performance (general or race specific)
  - Advice on Supplementation

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Record Breaking Race in Arabian Desert, Oman