Palladino Power Project is a personal coaching and consulting service for middle distance and distance running. Coach Steve Palladino specializes in training and racing with a powermeter (Stryd running powermeter)
My background includes: 2:16 marathon PR and 1980 Olympic Trials Qualifier, 30+ years as a medical professional, and 15 years of training and racing with a powermeter.
My philosophy is that training should be individualized, with a goal of gradual progression and injury avoidance.
It is my belief that training and racing with a running powermeter completely enables my philosophy.
Training athletes with a power meter has produced 5-8% PRs across multiple athletes in 2017.
I offer my personal coaching service in person and electronically. I currently charge $300/quarter for detailed personalized coaching. I also consult for large and small running training related projects on a fee TBD basis. Additionally, I am in the process of developing pre-configured training plans for 5k through marathon racing - the marathon plans are now active, with others to follow.
Contact me via the email option here or by FB messaging.

Training Plans:

Palladino Power Project training plans are written by Coach Steve Palladino - a leading expert on training and racing with a running powermeter, a medical professional for 30+ years, and a former 2:16 marathoner and 1980 US Olympics Trials Qualifier.

All training plans are prescribed by power and duration.

While prescribed by power and duration, each training plan is tailored to the runner's available days per week for training.

Because each plan is prescribed by power and duration, and is based on your own personal functional threshold power or FTP (aka critical power or CP), each plan scales to your ability (and relative intensity self-adjusts with repeated testing during the course of the training plan).

While you are actively training within one of my plans, I am available to help you with interpreting your CP tests, determining CP from race results, and planning your target race power based on your most recent CP test.

I wish you success!