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Structured workout builder

Simple & Intuitive Training Plan Builder

Build plans of any type, add structured workouts and file attachments.

Training Plan Marketplace

Sell on our Training Plan Marketplace

Get your plans in front of hundreds of thousands of athletes looking to train for their next event.

Stripe Payout System

Get Paid. Fast.

All payments are automatically transferred to your connected Stripe Express account within 14-days of the plan purchase.

Getting Started is Easy – Here’s How:

Set Up Your Coach Page

Use our new Coach Page builder to promote your brand and business. This is where athletes can find your plans.

A coach page in the Final Surge Beta platform.

Connect Stripe Express

Stripe payment system environment

Connect Stripe Express

Create a Stripe Express account (it’s easy!). This allows Final Surge to automatically transfer your revenue when plans are purchased.

Prepare Your Plans for Sale

Beta Platform - preparing training plans for sales

Prepare Your Plans for Sale

Once you’ve created plans, categorize and add additional information to them, helping athletes find the perfect plan when they search our marketplace.

Sell Your Plans on the Marketplace

Once enabled, your Coach Page and plans are listed on our Training Plan Marketplace to be found by athletes all over the world.

Coach page example


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