I am an RRCA Level Two, USATF Level One, VDOT 02, NAASFP and Level One Stryd Power Certified Running Coach and of course a runner myself. I am a late starter when it comes to running. I started with race walking, which I still do from time to time, and transitioned to mostly running around 2010. I normally do well in my age group for local races. I've been top three in some VERY small races and dead last in one race. I can cover the spectrum. ;) Enough about me….

Do You Even Need/Want a Coach?

Some people love the relative structure that coaching brings, other people find it an ankle bracket. ;) It just is not for everybody. Generally you consider a coach when:

1. You have stopped improving
2. You are frequently injured
3. You would rather just be told what to do rather than having to think about what to do

In order for coaching to be effective you must be running consistently and doing, or be able to do, enough mileage for your goals (which will vary by race distance and many other factors). If you tend to be inconsistent, which will also affect your mileage, coaching is not going to over come that.

One of the first things I do is send you a questionnaire (found here).  This helps me learn about your running history, your goals, when you run, etc.  It never answers all questions and after that I like to talk to you live so we can both get all questions, at least for now, out of the way.

I offer two options: On Going Training, and “One and Done”

Common to Both Options

In both cases we talk live via phone or other online method. I get your running history, goals, etc. We talk about what needs to be factored into your training plan (when you run, other races you might have coming up, a family a reunion weekend where you cannot do a long run, etc. After that I begin creating a training plan based upon your goals, your schedule and your needs. That plan is typically delivered via Final Surge, however I can also use Training Peaks if you prefer that platform.

One and Done

I put together a custom plan for you based upon your fitness, your schedule and your goals. Once you take the plan I am “done.” Your job is to execute the plan and make any adjustments you may need along the way.

Both Final Surge and Training Peaks have apps and their websites are mobile friendly so very easy for you to view your completed or planned runs from anywhere. You also have the option (with Final Surge this currently depends a bit upon which watch you have) to have planned runs sent directly to your Garmin device. (Note while a Garmin is required for this function you do not need a Garmin to train).

I do NOT monitor how you are doing along the way. However I AM available for any questions that come up during the training cycle. You can contact me anytime with questions or problems.  Email, messenger, text, phone call (I prefer to schedule these), pretty much anything. 

Cost is ~$165 depending on the length of the plan, generally 16-18 weeks is common.

On Going Training

The two big differences between this and "One and Done" is that I will typically publish about 4 weeks of training at a time rather that everything. That's because with on going training I am monitoring your training and making course adjustments along the way.

Both Final Surge and Training Peaks have apps and their websites are mobile friendly so very easy for you to view or comment on runs from anywhere. It’s all real time so many times when somebody contacts me that they need a change in the week (“My son is sick and I can’t run tomorrow”) I update the plan as we talk/text. Final Surge offers Garmin and Strava integration so if you are already logging runs there they can be sent automatically to Final Surge (neither is a requirement)

Even though I have a “chunk” of the plan posted it always changes. It may change because I see something in your workouts that makes me adjust.  It may change because you have something come up. As we get closer to the race we will start to put together a race plan based upon your training, goals and the conditions of the course/day.

Feedback is The Breakfast of Champions. The more in tune I can be to how you are feeling the better I can look for patterns and adjust your training as needed. I LOVE getting comments on your runs and they are MUCH more helpful that viewing "run stats" which rarely tell the story. You can see a bit more about Final Surge and we use it here

We have a small Facebook Group.  People use it to cheer each other on, post great runs )and sometimes not so great).  Ask questions of me or others in the group. This is optional but encouraged if on Facebook as the people really support one and other

You can contact me anytime with questions or problems.  Email, messenger, text, phone call, pretty much anything.  There are people I am in contact with virtually every day and others a couple times a month and everything in between.

Weekly Training is $59 per month or $599 per year

Well running should be fun! :)