Training Plan
8 Week Olympic Distance (8 Weeks)

Intermediate Olympic Distance plan


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Sample Week of Training

Swim - CSS - 4

Warm Up:
300m of 50m broken arrow, 50m free
200m easy
200m with pool buoy 12m scull, 12m doggy paddle, 25m free

100m done as 25m MAD, 75m easy
100m done as 50 MAD, 50m easy
100m done as 75m MAD,, 25m easy

Main Set:
6x 100m with 25sec rest
2x 500m with 50sec rest

Cool down:
200m easy

Planned: 2.8 km

Bike - HUT 4-8-10

Warm up:

Main Set:
2x (4min mad, 2min easy)
1x (8min medium, 4min easy)
1x (10min medium, 5min easy)

Cool Down:
10min easy

Planned: 1:00:00

Swim - Doco Swim

Warm Up:
200m, 30sec rest
4x 25m leaving every 30sec

Main Set:
8x 50m leaving every 1min with every 4th MAD
6x 50m leaving every 1min every every 3rd MAD
4x 50m leaving every 0:55 with every 2nd MAD
2x 50m leaving every 0:50 both MAD

Main Set Two
300m pull at race effort

Cool Down
100m easy pull
100m kick

Planned: 2.0 km

Run - T-11 Run Session

Warm Up
10min easy

Main Set:
4x (1200m MAD, 3min easy)

Cool down:
10min easy

Bike - 20/40/40/20

Warm Up:
10min Easy

Main Set:
20x (20sec MAD, 40sec easy, 40sec MAD, 20sec easy)

Cool down:
10min easy

Planned: 1:00:00

Swim - 25m Sets One

Warm Up:
8 x 25 (every 4th fast)
6 x 25 (every 3rd fast)
4 x 25 (every 2nd fast)
2 x 25 (both fast)

Main Set:
20 x 25 pb optional as 1 fast; 1 easy
1 x 200 fast pb/p
1 x 100 easy
Repeat Main Set twice through

Cool Down:
200 choice

Planned: 2.3 km

Run - T-12 Run Session

Warm Up
10min easy

Main Set:
4x (1mile mad, 1min easy)

Cool down:
10min easy

Bike - As you feel

With this ride, ride as you feel throughout. If you feel good you can push it, if not back the effort off and put the miles in.

Planned: 3:00:00

Run - run off the bike

FAST Transition
All easy, use this as part of your cool down

Planned: 10:00

Run - 3 rounds of 5x 1min

Moderate run and include three rounds of 5x 1min medium effort, 1min easy. Do rounds as in the early part of the run, one round in the middle and one round towards the end.

Planned: 1:30:00

How It Works

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