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After graduating John D. O’Bryant high school in 2005 with modest PR’s of 4:32 mile and 10:09 two mile, Sança attended UMass Lowell, where he became a 4-time All American and 3-time New England champion in distance running. He graduated with PR’s of 4:07 in the mile and 8:41 equivalent for the 2 miles. Sança attributes most of his running success to changes in coaching and training environments, which provided better opportunities for him to develop. After college, Sança has continued to run locally and internationally. On the local scene as part of the Whirlaway Racing Team, he is the 2017 New England Grand Prix Road Racing title and was elected U.S.A. Track & Field New England Male Runner of the Year. Internationally, he has been selected to represent Cabo Verde at the Lusophone Games, the Francophony Games, the Ibero-American Games, the I.A.AF. World Championships and the Olympic Games. Sança attributes his post-collegiate running success to his relentless passion for the sport of running. Because of his love for running, he’s been able to effectively balance his full time job as staff member at his Alma mater and being an international athlete. He established Lowell Running, LLC in the Fall of 2016 to use his experience and wisdom provide the same level of opportunity for everyday runners. He believes that “there are no barriers for success if you are willing to train hard and commit to your goals”

Lowell Running was established in 2016 by Olympian Ruben Sança to provide customized individual and group training programs for long distance running events, ranging from the 5k to the marathon. Our athletes are more successful than ever in the past because we maximize our efforts into breaking the most typical barriers to training: time and knowledge. Our dedicated coaches focus on providing personal attention and creating a great experience for each athlete. Whether you are a beginner or an elite marathoner, Lowell Running is the ideal place to fulfill your running potential. With a coaching program from Lowell Running, you will be ready to tackle your next race!

Experience: 18 years College: UMass Lowell (MBA) - Marathon Best: 2:18 Highlights Olympic Games (2012) - Top 25 overall at Boston Marathon (2014, 2015) - Top 50 I.A.A.F. World Championship Marathon

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When you purchase a training plan, your plan will automatically get loaded into the Final Surge training calendar for you to use as many times as you want. Final Surge allows you to view and track your training, record distance and duration, upload data from Garmin and other fitness devices, and much more. Use the Final Surge mobile app to view your training plan on the go and record your workouts. Each night your workout for the upcoming day will be emailed to you so that it is sitting in your inbox the next morning.