Training Plan
Cape Town Marathon Sub 4 hour (12 Weeks)

This marathon plan is designed for runners who currently run at least 3 days per week and have completed a half marathon in less than 2 hours in the past 6 months.
You should have at least one year of running experience before starting the programme and should be have the capacity to train 5 days per week. You should also currently be fit enough to complete a half marathon.


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Sample Week of Training

Rest Day - Day off

Run - Easy does it

Easy conversation pace run. Go as slow as you need to go so that it feels effortless. It is all about feeling fresh at the end of the run.

Planned: 1:10:00

Run - Steady Run

Aerobic conditioning runs are run at an effort that leaves you pleasantly tired. Always start out very easy and build up to a pace where you going faster than a jog but still feel in control and like you could go faster.

Planned: 8.0 km

Run - Builder

Keep the pace as easy as is necessary for the run to feel effortless. Then go slower.
You should feel you can run all day at the pace.

Slow is key on these runs. You should end the runs feeling fresh and strong.

Planned: 1:00:00

Rest Day - Day off

Run - 200m Hills

Warm up 3km
Mobility & Dynamic Warm Up exercises
4x50m pick up runs

Repeat x8
200m Strong running uphill
Easy jog down back to start

2km cool down

Planned: 8.0 km ~ 50:00

Run - LSD

Long Slow Distance - This run is about continuous time on your feet and not pace.

LSD should be easy enough so that you feel that at the end you could go an extra 20 min if you had to.

Keep breaks to a minimum and short.

RPE = 3

This is your cornerstone workout.

Planned: 2:15:00

How It Works

When you purchase this training plan, your plan will automatically get loaded into the Final Surge training calendar for you to use as many times as you want. Final Surge allows you to view and track your training, record distance and duration, upload data from Garmin and other fitness devices, and much more. Use the Final Surge mobile app to view your training plan on the go and record your workouts. Each night your workout for the upcoming day will be emailed to you so that it is sitting in your inbox the next morning.

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