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Endurance Coaching & Sports Nutrition

Lisi Bratcher, the owner of LLC, is an Exercise Scientist and Certified Coach & Sports Nutritionist.
She coaches Endurance Athletes, and teaches Biology and Kinesiology classes at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. You can check out healthy recipes and fitness related articles on her blog

Her most-popular services:
-) Weight Management
-) Sports Nutrition
-) Swim Assessment
-) Fit Over 40 Programs
-) Functional Strength Training

Lisi Bratcher. Exercise Scientist, PhD

Training Plans:

Female Plan Fit Over 40 designed by an Exercise Professional. Get daily nutrition tips and quality workouts to improve your health, avoid injuries and slim down while training for a 5k. Beginner to Intermediate Level.

5k Plans

Plan Name Level # Weeks Price  
Fit Over 40_5k Beginner 12 weeks $45.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_5k_Wk1-4 Beginner 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_5k_Wk5-8 Beginner 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_5k_Wk9-12 Beginner 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy

10k Plans

Plan Name Level # Weeks Price  
Fit Over 40_10k Intermediate 12 weeks $45.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_10k_Wk1-4 Intermediate 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_10k_Wk5-8 Intermediate 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy
FitOver40_10k_Wk9-12 Intermediate 4 weeks $15.00 PreviewBuy