ChiRunning Intermediate Marathon

Plan Length: 20 Weeks

A 20-week training program for your marathon using the ChiRunning technique.

Who Should Do This Plan

This program is for you if any of the following apply:

• You can comfortably run a 10K and have run the marathon distance previously*
• You are new to ChiRunning or want to practice your ChiRunning technique
• You are willing and able to train 5 days a week
• You want to improve your marathon performance and:
 -Reduce recovery time or
 -Meet a specific time goal or
 -Run with greater ease and enjoyment
 -You want to run pain and injury free**
 -You want to recover quickly and be able to stay physically active for a lifetime

*If you are not yet running the 10K distance comfortably, we highly recommend running a half marathon for your first event, then using the Beginner Marathon Program to complete the marathon distance.

**If you currently have an injury that prevents you from running comfortably, we recommend the Beginner Marathon Program.

Plan Price: $49.95


Sample Week Of Training

Other - Goal - Have your Upper Body Join the Fun!

Goal: Have your Upper Body Join the Fun!
Lesson: Upper Body
Book – p. 102, Chapter 4
DVD – Lesson 5

Rest Day

Rest – Check in with your shoulders today; are they tight and hunched or lowered and relaxed?

Run - 50 min. run Form Intervals

50 min – Form Intervals
1 min. on/off Form Intervals: Practice Focus 1 for one min. on/one min.
off for the first third of run; then, practice Focus 2 for one min. on/one min. off for second third of run. Practice both Focuses together for the last third, one min. on/one min. off.
PRE: 4 at the beginning, progressing to 5 at the end

Focus 1: Bend your elbows to 90° (don’t pump) and swing rearward
Focus 2: Shoulders squared forward and relaxed

Planned: 50:00

Run - 60 min. run Form Intervals

60 min. run – Form Intervals
1 min. on/of Form Intervals (same as Tue., different Focuses)

PRE: 4

Focus 1: Y'chi directs energy forward through your eyes. Book p. 44,85; manual p 13)
Focus 2: Swing elbows to the rear

Planned: 1:00:00

Run - 50 min. run Form Intervals

50 min. run – Form Intervals
1 min. on/of Form Intervals: Practice the following Focuses as a "Pair" –
try to hold both at the same time
PRE: 4-5
Focus 1: Upper body ahead of your feet
Focus 2: Swing elbows and legs rearward

Planned: 50:00

Rest Day

Run - 1 hr. 40 min. LSD Run

1 hr. 40 min. LSD Run
5 min. Alternating Form Intervals: On this run, you’ll combine Lower
Body Focuses with Upper Body Focuses and alternate them during your workout. During each 35-minute section, alternate between Upper
Body Focus/Lower Body Focus every five minutes.
PRE: 4 throughout

Set 1 Focuses (35 min.): Let your hip swing back with your leg/
Shoulders fall forward
Set 2 Focuses (35 min.): Rotate entire lower body below Pivot
Point/Y'chi directs energy forward through your eyes
Set 3 Focuses (35 min.): Lift at the Crown of your head and feel the light tension in your low abs
/Swing elbows to the rear

Mindful Maintenance: Hydrate every 10 minutes after the rst hour;
refuel as needed. This is an important week to practice writing an End-of Week Review.

Planned: 1:40:00

Cross Training - Optional 35-45 minutes Fun Run or Cross-Training

PRE 3-5

Planned: 40:00

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