The Sufferfest & Apex Coaching

2019 ToS Prep / Intermediate / Repeated Efforts Weakness

Plan Length: 14 Weeks

This plan is designed to prepare you for the 2019 Tour of Sufferlandria (Feb 2-10).
It includes the Tour stages, as well as a post-Tour Full Frontal fitness test on February 24.

Choose this plan if you:

* Have taken the 4DP Full Frontal Fitness test and the results identified your Primary Weakness as Repeated Efforts.
* Have previous experience with structured training plan or have been riding consistently for more than 2 years
* Have trained fewer than 11 hours/week in the previous ~3 months.
*Have up to 8 hours a week to train (including yoga and mental toughness)

This plan includes Yoga for Cyclists and Mental Toughness sessions to provide you with comprehensive training on and off the bike.

You can (and should) add The Sufferfest Strength Training for Cyclists programme to this plan. Choose either the Beginner or Intermediate progressions designed to integrate with the ToS Prep plans. Be sure to select the Strength Training plan that corresponds with the level of your cycling plan (Novice/Intermediate or Advanced).

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Sample Week of Training

Below is a week of training from this plan which represents the type of workouts you will be doing.

Other - MTP - 1st Month Review & Improve

REVIEW & IMPROVE: A look back at the past month to see what was done well and what could be better. Set a new goal for the month ahead and learn how to keep an eye on your 'fundamentals' (e.g., sleep, hydration, etc.).

Planned: 30:00

Bike - Cadence Builds **After Strength**

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✭✭✭✭
AC: ✭✩✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
FTP: ✭✩✩✩✩

One of the best sessions there is for neuromuscular training and a regular session in The Sufferfest Training Plans, this drill asks you to progressively build from a cadence of 90 RPM to your MAX over 30 seconds, recover and repeat several times. Cadence builds improve the way you recruit your leg, glute and core muscles throughout your pedal stroke by progressing to your maximal cadence. By reaching your highest cadence possible, you are training the 'on/off' switch in each muscle group to not only work faster, but have less overlap with your other muscle groups. You're training your hamstring muscles to 'turn off' when your quads 'turn on' and vice-versa to achieve a more efficient pedal stroke.

NOTE: As a drill session, this video does not have music or a storyline like 'normal' Sufferfest videos. Just fire up a playlist on your favourite music app and you're away!

Planned: 1:00:00

Cross Training - Yoga: Recovery Booster

Level: ✭✩✩

Sufferfest sessions tear your body down. It's in the periods between Sufferfest sessions, when you're recovering, that you become more powerful. This session helps boost your recovery time, relaxing you and ensuring you give your body the chance to grow stronger.

Planned: 15:00

Bike - Violator **Do NOT Use ERG Mode** **Read Description**

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✭✭✭✭
AC: ✭✭✭✭✭
MAP: ✭✭✭✩✩
FTP: ✭✩✩✩✩

If NM and AC got together to throw a party, this would be it. Violator is the perfect example of how the amount of recovery time between efforts dramatically changes the amount of training stress you get. Yes, there are 64 sprints, but they're not all doing the same thing for your fitness. The first set of sprints has enough recovery that you'll be able to work your NM to the max. The second set still has enough recovery to allow you to hit high power numbers, but the reduced time between sprints stresses your ability to recover and repeat that high effort. That means you'll start to dip into AC. The last set-with equal sprint and recovery times-ensures your heart rate never gets a chance to drop down. That works your MAP like nobody's business.

Coach Notes:
You should remain seated for all of these sprint efforts (and in the drops if that is where you spend most of your time during racing) This means you need to ignore the power targets, your only goal is to give a maximal seated effort each and every sprint. This means you will likely be under target power in the first set, and maybe over power targets in the final set, that does not matter. You are just looking to go all out 64 times!

Planned: 1:08:00

Cross Training - Breathing To CRUSH THEM

Level: ✭✩✩

Perhaps the only people more Badass than Sufferlandrians are Navy Seals. And this is the breathing exercise that Navy Seals do to calm down and focus themselves before major operations. Learn and use this technique before heading into your own major events and races.

Planned: 3:00

Bike - The Chores

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✭✭✩✩
MAP: ✭✭✭✭✭
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✩

Chores. They're rarely glamorous, almost never fun, and more often than not you need a hot shower and a long nap afterwards. Sort of like this workout. If you want a 'do-it-all' session, that will maintain and improve nearly every aspect of your fitness, then you're in the right place. Each set combines a series of 40 second efforts and 20 second recoveries with a sustained effort just below Threshold. The benefits are substantial. First: with such short recoveries between hard efforts, you'll pretty much empty your anaerobic fuel tank by the end of each set. This obviously develops your AC, but as your body is forced to rely more and more on your ability to produce power aerobically as your AC empties it gives your maximal aerobic (MAP) a real shove. As your body shifts from AC to MAP and begins producing almost all power from oxygen, the workout puts you into a sustained effort just below threshold. These same sustained threshold efforts when fresh would be a piece of cake, but by starting them deep in the red you will find them to be much more difficult than you might think. These efforts will push you right to the edge, but never over, so dig in deep and get your chores done!

Planned: 58:00

Bike - Post Strength Spin

Think of this as your cool down from your strength session. Keep your Power well below 50% of FTP, just let the easy pedaling flush out your legs so they can start repairing themselves faster and be ready for tomorrow!

Planned: 15:00

Cross Training - Yoga: Stretching After Suffering

Level: ✭✭✩

You've just finished a brutal Sufferfest session. You probably just want to curl up in a ball, but to speed your recovery this sequence will stretch you out and open you up. You'll be ready to Suffer again in no time.

Planned: 15:00

Bike - Endurance+

5 minutes @ RPE 2 -- 45% of FTP -- HR <70%

Main Effort
Number of Sets
Rest Between Sets
Interval Repeats per Set
1 Interval Steady: 1 hour and 40 minutes @ RPE 3.5 -- 55-65% of FTP -- HR <85%

Extra Volume

Cool Down
2 minutes @ RPE 2 -- 45% of FTP -- HR <70%

Coach Notes:
Steady Endurance/Base ride. Power should remain between 55-70% of FTP the entire time. Aim to keep between 75-85% of LTHR This is a ride that can be out doors OR indoors If done inside, you can play OPEN 60/OPEN 30 and adjust the intensity from 85-105% Another option is to select any Video of a similar length, ignore the power targets (meaning running slope mode for those with smart trainers) holding power between 55-70% of FTP and only following the Cadence and Stand/Sit prompts in the video

Planned: 1:45:00

Bike - ISLTA **Reduced Intensity 85%**

Four Dimensional Power Focus:
NM: ✭✩✩✩✩
AC: ✭✩✩✩✩
MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
FTP: ✭✭✭✭✭

Who needs the alps when you have this abomination of climbing? If you're looking to churn out enough tempo work to make the domestiques at team sky look twice this is the one for you. Believe it or not, packing so much tempo into 2.5 hours gives this session the same endurance building power as a 5 hour "Zone 2" ride. That being said, tempo efforts burn through more carbohydrates than endurance pace, so don't forget to eat during this epic ascent.

Planned: 2:30:00

Plan Price: FREE