The Sufferfest & Apex Coaching

Intermediate Strength Training Plan / Pair with Advanced Cycling or Triathlon Plans

Plan Length: 24 Weeks

This plan is for athletes who:
* Want to add Strength Training to their main training plan.
* Have chosen one of the The Sufferfest Advanced Cycling or Triathlon training plans that have been optimised for Strength Training.
* Have previous and recent strength training or lifting experience.

Plan Price: FREE


Note: These plans are designed to be used with The Sufferfest Training System. You will need to download and install The Sufferfest for iOS, macOS or Windows to access the workouts associated with these plans. To get started:

  1. Go to and download the app for your device.
  2. Create your account to start your free 7-day trial.
  3. Use promo code SURGE30 to get 30 days free or $12.99 off your annual subscription.

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Sample Week of Training

Below is a week of training from this plan which represents the type of workouts you will be doing.

Strength Training - The Sufferfest - SUF Strength - Intermediate Level 2 Session A

Equipment Needed - Two water bottles filled as much as you feel is appropriate - Mat or something to place under your knee.

Before starting session 2A you will have completed 1A multiple times and mastered the form and balance demands of the basic foundational moves. Variations on these moves will become more and more difficult and any bad habits or poor form will become amplified. We'll be increasing the difficulty of this session not just through variations on foundational moves, but by increasing the number and duration of the sets. In 2A you will have to work through more 30-second sets than either session 1A or 1B.

Planned: 26:30

Strength Training - The Sufferfest - SUF Strength - Intermediate Level 1 Session B

Equipment Needed - Empty water bottle - Mat or something for under your knee.

This is Intermediate Strength Level 1 Session B. This session includes the rest of the foundational moves you'll be using in this series. You will also be introduced to variations on some of the foundational moves you completed in Level 1 Session A. For example, we'll modify the Single Leg Squat with Opposite Reach move in Session A to a Single Leg Squats with Extended Hands in Session B. While the differences seem small, the slightly different demands on your single-leg balance will speed up your adaptation phase. You will continue to see new, subtle variations on almost all of the moves.

Planned: 19:03

Plan Price: FREE