Final Surge Podcast Episode 81: Boston Preview with Neely Spence Gracey

In Episode 81 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to professional runner and the 2016 top American finisher at Boston, Neely Spence Gracey. Neely discusses Boston for first-time participants, and then gives us a preview of Monday's race with her predictions.

Welcome to Episode 81 of the Final Surge podcast where today we welcome back Neely Spence Gracey to the podcast to talk about Boston. Boston is less than a week away and we talk to Neely about what a first-time runner should consider when heading to Boston and we take a look at some of the top names on the men's and women's race. We even get Neely to predict the winners of both races. Neely uses the Final Surge platform in her coaching if you are interested in getting coached by Neely head over to

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You were the top American Women at Boston in 2016, you want to explain why you are not running this year?

  • Pregnant
  • Due August 4th
  • Boy

How will the weather affect the race?

  • It can change the morning of the race, so be prepared for it to change last minute

If it is a little rainy like they are predicting, are those good conditions for a good fast race?

  • Personally, I would like it
  • The wind will be a bigger factor

What should first-time runners know about the course?

  • Look up Boston Marathon Preview video
  • Need to track pace and be ok with being off at times, take the average not the moment pace
  • Easy to get caught up and go to fast in the first few miles
  • Use first 3 miles as a warmup run

Men's Elite Marathon:
Is there someone you think can knock off the defending champ Geoffrey Kirui?

  • Anything can happen on marathon day
  • Can never predict, but a good chance he won't win

Last year Galen Rupp was runner-up and came back and won Chicago, what do you think the chance is of him winning and running a fast time?

  • Galen is a racer, he will let others do the work early and take over late
  • Kirui may push the pace early or he may be the one who waits for Rupp to make a move
  • Don't count out Lelisa Desisa or 2016 winner Lemi Berhanu

Who will win the men's race? - Lesisa Desisa

Women's Elite Marathon:
On the women's side, this is a really deep field. How will this play out?

  • This race is going to be exciting
  • I think Molly Huddle will perform big
  • Desi and Shalane have more experience

One of the wild cards is Jordan Hasay, how do you see her playing a factor?

  • She is back and knows what to expect
  • She is used to the big spotlight
  • She has had 2 really good marathons
  • She is young and has been doing impressive things
  • She is a wildcard

We have some veterans with experience in Deena Kastor and Kellyn Taylor, can one of these vets step up and surprise people?

  • Deena is back and you can never count her out
  • Kellyn has been chipping away at her goals and making performance gains each year. She has stayed healthy the last year and coming off a good fall season

Flanagan is coming off of NYC, can she repeat that at Boston?

  • You always need to get a little lucky on race day
  • She will be ready to race

Edna Kiplagat is the defending champ, is she going to be hard to knock off?

  • She knows what she needs to do to win and will make them work

Who is someone we need to keep an eye on in the women's race?

  • Serena Burla
  • She races a lot overseas
  • Running fast in the last year
  • Her first big race since cancer surgery

Who will win the women's race? - Kiplagat

What other advice do you have for runners to enjoy the weekend?

  • Spend time to enjoy the experience
  • They treat everyone like royalty
  • Maximize the weekend

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