Final Surge Podcast Episode 59: Dennis Barker

In Episode 59 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to coaching legend Dennis Barker. As coach of Team USA Minnesota, Coach Barker had 75 top 3 finishes in U.S. Championship races and had 29 different athletes make World Championship teams. We discuss training fundamentals and his new book.

Welcome to Episode 59 of the Final Surge Podcast where today we welcome legendary coach Dennis Barker. Dennis was the long-time coach of Team USA Minnesota where his athletes achieved 75 top 3 finishes in U.S. Championships and 29 different athletes made World Championships teams. We talk about some fundamentals of training and his new book The River Road.

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How did you get your start in running?

You founded Team USA Minnesota in 2001 and at that time there was the Hansons team, Mammoth, maybe Oregon Project. How has that team aspect lead to a resurgence in American distance success?

We were solid in the 70's and 80's, and we have had this resurgence, what happened in the 90's where the US fell off the map so badly?

USATF teaches a strict periodization where coaches such as Salazar do more year-round training, how have you seen that change?

You mentioned you ran a lot of local races. If you look at local 5k/10k runners, how should they structure their year of training?

How does a coach who has coached 29 World qualifiers move to high school coaching?

How is training different besides just the volume?

Your new book The River Road is a novel. The running community has Once A Runner, was your goal to write the next great running novel?

As you wrote this you got the chance to think about the last 30-40 years of running. What has changed the most over that time?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite endurance/running book? - Coe/Martin Training
Current trainers you are wearing? - Asics
Favorite race? - Carrie Tolleson 1500 Final 2004 Olympic Trials
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Octoberfest Beer
Your favorite workout - 8 x 1200m, 24 x 100m hills

The River Road book
Dennis on Twitter


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