Final Surge Podcast Episode 56: Jonathan Beverly

In Episode 56 of the Final Surge Podcast, we talk to Jonathan Beverly, former Editor at Running Times and current writer for Runner's World. Jonathan has authored a book titled Your Best Stride. We discuss the book with him and dig into the mechanics of running.

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Final Surge Podcast where today we welcome Jonathan Beverly, an author at Runner’s World and is a former Editor at Running Times. Jonathan has recently released the book Your Best Stride. We dig into what your best stride is and how you get there. We have been getting a lot of great feedback over our iOS App and the updated Android App is being worked on as we speak. Make sure you download the app and review it in the App Store. Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook [at]FinalSurge.

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How did you get your start with running?

How did you transfer from a high school runner to the Editor of Running Times?

You have a new book called Your Best Stride. What made you decide to write this book?

You have been running since 1980 so you have been around, is there anything you learned while writing this book that really surprised you?

Let's start digging in with upper body and the role it plays. I have a sophomore girl who just joined our team who is a first time runner. Day one she held her arms way up and pretty much in front of her, can you talk about the role the arm swing plays in our stride?

You stress all things starting at the hip, can you talk about how important the hip is?

How do we get our hip flexors extended or loosened?

How do you make sure you glute bridges are right so that you make sure you feel it in your glutes, not your hamstrings?

Your best stride, how does that differ from the best form for all?

One thing that is discussed all the time when we are talking about stride is foot strike. How important is foot strike?

How can someone with a large overstrike work on their mechanics to fix this?

Can you talk about what we are doing for the 22.5 hours a day when we are not exercising and how it effects our running?

What do you recommend about running shoes and switching them up? If you find a shoe that seems to work should you buy a bunch of them and stick with it or should you switch them up?

When you are going to the running store and they look at you and say you over pronate, what would you recommend?

We all want our best stride, what cues can we use to check ourselves while we are running?

What are some other things you can briefly tease our listeners with that are included in your book?

What are you working on now, any other books you have coming?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite endurance/running book? - Road Racing for Serious Runners
Current trainers you are wearing? - Topo Fli-lyte 2
Favorite race? - 10 miles
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Peanut butter and honey sandwich
Your favorite workout - Tempo run

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