Final Surge Podcast Episode 53: Dr. Chris Segler

In Episode 53 of the Final Surge Podcast, we talk to Dr. Chris Segler, a competitive triathlete and doctor who specializes in working with endurance athletes. We ask Chris about injury prevention, finding the right doctor, looking for the right running shoes, and much more.

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Final Surge Podcast. Today we welcome Dr. Chris Segler who was a competitive triathlete and is a doctor who specializes in working with endurance athletes. I first found Chris on his Doc On The Run podcast. Chris has an attitude of keeping the athlete going if at all possible while working through an injury and we talk about that and some other practical advice when visiting a doctor. We hope you enjoy this episode and over the next two weeks we will have one of the top triathlete coaches and one of the top distance running coaches around talking training.

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How did you get interested in endurance sports?

When did you make the transition to triathlons?

When you decided you wanted to become a doctor, did you always plan on having endurance athletes as the backbone of your practice?

Can you tell our listeners about your Doc on the Run podcast and how it got started?

If someone comes down with on "overuse" injury such as shin splints, plantars or runner’s knee, what is the biggest mistake doctors and physical therapists may make who do not specialize in endurance athletes?

If someone goes and see a doctor and the doctor says your activity is causing pain, so stop doing that activity, what questions should the athlete ask the doctor to make sure this is the best advice?

One thing you talk about a lot is making sure the Dr. is on your team. How do you make sure they are?

When someone has an overuse injury the most common recommendation is RICE. Where do you come down with ice to get rid of inflammation vs. allowing the inflammation to heal you?

It is said that 75-85% of running injuries are from poor biomechanics. Is there any truth to that?

How often do lower leg injuries start at the hips?

Everyone is different but if you were talking to a group of 200 runners, what are some exercises that you would give them to help reduce the risk of injuries?

What exercises would you recommend to get the glutes firing?

How important are running shoes?

What should people be looking for?

Listener question from Nancy on Twitter:
Before becoming a runner she went to a doctor about nerve pain she had from the ball of her foot to her toes. The doctor said it was a callous. Eventually it went away but she's been running now for 5 years. When she starts running in new shoes, the pain comes back. It has progressed to hurting when breaking in shoes. Saturday she landed on a rock so the whole ball of foot is sore today. So, she started doing contrast baths. She qualified for Boston 6 weeks ago and is training for a fall marathon. The question is: In addition to the contrast baths and taping, do you recommend any exercises for the foot?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Iron War
Current trainers you are wearing? - Hoka Bondi
Favorite race? - Ironman France
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - A loaded smoothie
Your favorite workout - Mile repeats on the track

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