Final Surge and AthleteBiz Partnership Offers Support to Professional Track & Field Athletes

Final Surge has partnered with AthleteBiz to help support professional track and field athletes from the United States.

One of the goals of Final Surge has been offering ways to support professional endurance athletes. We have been able to do this in various ways through partnerships with teams such as HOKA NAZ Elite, the NorCal Distance Project, Hudson Elite, Asics GTC-Elite and many others. We are happy to announce yet another avenue for us to help support these athletes – a new partnership with AthleteBiz.

AthleteBiz is the platform for fans to find, follow and support the USA's best track and field athletes. From aspiring Olympians to Olympic gold medalists, from NCAA All-Americans to World Champions, AthleteBiz offers inspiration and motivation for fans and ways for athletes to support and fund their Olympic dreams. Hire a world-class athlete as a coach, speaker, mentor or employee, meet your favorite athlete for dinner or just ask them a question you've always wanted to ask!

AthleteBiz delivers unprecedented, up close and personal access to the finest, fittest athletes on the planet.

Final Surge has joined forces with AthleteBiz to provide professional athletes that offer coaching services a world-class platform in which they can plan training, track results, and communicate with their clients.

In addition to providing the Final Surge training log to these professional athletes at a reduced rate, we'll be working with AthleteBiz in other ways such as highlighting many of these athletes' stories through our blog and on our podcast.

We're excited to be working with AthleteBiz and all of the professional athletes that they currently support. If you would like to help support an aspiring (or current) Olympian, visit and connect with your favorite athletes today!


Team Final Surge

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