Final Surge Podcast Episode 8: Nathan Rodriguez

In Episode 8 of the Final Surge Podcast, we talk to Iowa State Runner Nathan Rodriguez. Nathan was a multiple-time state champion runner in high school and is now one of the top runners at Iowa State in his sophomore year.

We talk to Nathan about what the recruiting process was like when he made his decision to run for Iowa State and what was the biggest factor in deciding which school to run at.

Nathan then shares some advice he would give to incoming high school freshman and then juniors and seniors who are thinking they want to run in college.

:50 First question I always ask - how did you get your start in running?

1:35 You had many great moments in high school including a state championship as an individual and team in cross country and several on the track. So what was the greatest moment to you of your high school career?

4:20 Now that you have the experience of running in college for a few years and you can look back at it, what do you think is the most important thing you did in your high school career that set you up for success?

6:35 Sounds like you had a good aerobic base from high school. What type of mileage were you doing in high school?

8:30 When did you start thinking about a college choice and what was the recruiting process like for you?

9:55 What were you looking for in a school? Location? Tradition? Coach?

11:05 At what point in the process did you narrow it down and decide on Iowa State?

12:40 There are paid recruiting services out there. Did you ever use any of them?

14:00 The first time you had contact with Iowa State, did you reach out to them, or did they reach out to you?

15:10 If your high school coaches invited you back to talk to the incoming high school freshman, what advice would you have for those runners considering running in college some day?

16:50 What advice do you have for high schoolers who are coming into their junior and senior years and are really thinking about colleges?


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