Final Surge Podcast Episode 67: Jay Johnson Part 2

In Episode 67 of the Final Surge Podcast we welcome back Coach Jay Johnson to discuss marathon training. We focus on his book which is written for busy adults with hectic lives who are trying to train for a marathon. We also discuss the marathon long run and Jay's thoughts on the glycogen depleted long run.

Welcome to Episode 67 of the Final Surge Podcast. Today we welcome back Jay Johnson for the other half of the podcast we did last week. In this episode, Jay talks about marathon training. We talk about his book Simple Marathon Training in which he points out is not to be confused with easy marathon training. Jay focuses on helping busy people who want to train for a marathon put a plan together. We discuss some of the concepts in his book in this episode.

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Your book is called Simple Marathon Training: The Right Training For Busy Adults With Hectic Lives. I think most of us think we have busy lives, so does this mean this book is for everyone who wants to run a marathon?

Jay also discusses who the book does not fit.

If someone is looking to run their first marathon and wants to use your book as a resource to help them get through the process, where do you recommend they come in at? What should their minimum base be?

How much does your book stress strength and mobility work?

You do private online coaching so when someone who is a professional with a family comes to you and says I want to run a marathon, what are the first things you ask them to make sure they are really committed?

You mentioned using fat as a fuel source. When we had Scott Simmons of American Distance Project on and Ben Rosario of NAZ Elite, they both mentioned doing depleted runs or runs to trigger fat for fueling. Is this something you focus on with your training?

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