Final Surge Podcast Episode 45: Jim Cielencki

In Episode 45 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to Jim Cielencki, a Miler Method Bootcamp participant. In addition to completing the bootcamp by Nick Willis, Jim went viral when he ran every mile of every street in Buffalo, NY while preparing for the Buffalo Marathon.

Welcome to Episode 45 of the Final Surge podcast where today we talk to Jim Cielencki. Jim won one of the give-a-ways for Nick Willis' Miler Method Bootcamp we had last winter. We talk to Jim about the bootcamp and find out what he learned and how the experience was. Jim also has a unique running story. The Buffalo, NY resident ran every mile of every street in Buffalo while training for a marathon and the event went viral and even ended up as a Ted Talk.

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You were one of the winners from the Miler Method giveaway with Olympian Nick Willis we did in Episode 26. I want to talk to you about that experience, how it went and what you learned… but first, it turns out you have a pretty interesting running story of your own. Can you tell our listeners how you got started running originally?

Tell us about your running Buffalo experience and what that was about?

How hard was the planning to make sure you did routes where you could always be hitting a new street, while not duplicating?

I've seen pictures from the Ted Talk you did that show the streets you ran in blue. Was that the Strava heat map that is creating that map?

You are running from January 1st to May 29th, how much of a factor was the Buffalo weather?

You won the Nick Willis Miler Method contest we did and you got to go through his Miler Bootcamp. What was that process like?

Had you ever really run a full out mile before you did this?

How much time did your mile time drop by at the end of the bootcamp?

What was the training like and what did you learn from the training you didn't know before?

How often were you doing track/hill workouts?

Having experience with longer races and then coming down to mile training was there anything that surprised you about the training?

What was the community like among those doing the bootcamp and how did you all stay connected?

Would you recommend it to others?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Born to Run
Current trainers you are wearing? - Saucony Kinvara
Favorite race? - Buffalo Turkey Trot
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Toast with peanut butter and banana
Your favorite workout - Compound workouts

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