Final Surge Podcast Episode 38: Denny Krahe

In Episode 38 of the Final Surge Podcast our guest is host of the Diz Runs podcast Denny Krahe. Denny is a certified athletic trainer and strength specialist who helps runners stay injury free. He recently ran his first ultra race and is also in the process of releasing his new book which helps runners prepare for race day.

In Episode 38 of the Final Surge Podcast we are joined by Denny Krahe who is a coach and best known for his running podcast called Diz Runs. Denny has almost 400 episodes of his podcast and releases three a week. We will talk to him about his first ultra-run that he did recently, his coaching, and his new upcoming book Be Ready on Race Day.

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How did you get your start with running?

You made the transition from not being a runner until after college to becoming a coach. How did that transition happen?

At what point in this journey did the Diz Runs podcast start?

What are some of the best stories that you remember from your podcast?

Recently you made the jump to ultra running and did your first ultra trail run. What was that like?

You have done a lot of marathons, but here you get to 26.2 and you had another 10k to go. How did it feel at the 26.2 mark?

What were the big differences in your training leading up to the ultra?

What about fueling? How did your fueling change running the ultra verse what you were used to in marathons?

What lessons did you learn from the ultra? What would you change next time?

You have a background in exercise science and talk a lot about injuries on your podcast Q&A episodes. What are the most common issues that you see with the athletes you work with?

What are the strength and core routines you are using with your athletes to keep them healthy and for injury prevention?

You do a lot of coaching. When someone comes to you for your coaching services, where do you most often find they are at? Are they a new runner looking to get started, a more experienced runner looking get that extra 1% improvement, or somewhere in between?

You recently announced that you have a new book coming out. Can you tell us the topic of this training book?

What is the market for this book? Half marathon and marathon?

When is the book coming out and where can you get it?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - 80/20 Running
Current trainers you are wearing? - Altras
Favorite race? - Running with the Bears in California
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Greasy burger and fries
Your favorite workout - Mile repeats


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Denny's upcoming book - Be Ready on Race Day
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