Final Surge Podcast Episode 16: Ariana Hilborn

In Episode 16 of the Final Surge Podcast we hear the amazing story of Olympic marathon runner Ariana Hilborn who runs for the Sonoran Distance Project. Having never run in high school or college, Ariana went from running her first marathon in 4:37 to running an Olympic Qualifying time 6 years later.

We have a great interview for you today. Imagine this story - someone who never ran until after college, runs their first race, a marathon in 4 hours and 37 minutes, and then just six years later runs an Olympic qualifying marathon time and is headed to Rio. This is not a Hollywood movie script. This is the true story of Ariana Hilborn.

I had a chance to meet you and hear your story. Can you tell us about your long high school running career?

You just ran in the Rio Olympics. If you did not run in high school or college, how did you get your start?

So your very first race ever was a marathon? Which one?

So what did your running career look like after that first marathon? You obviously caught the bug.

In 2008 you run your first race and run a 4:37 marathon, then one year later you run a BQ? What was your training like?

You went from 0 to 70 miles in a year, did you encounter any injuries?

In 2010 you joined John Reich's team, the Sonoran Distance Project. Where did you go from there?

Then in 2014 at the U.S. Marathon Championships you were 4th?

How did your training change as you were getting ready to run an Olympic qualifier?

What type of mileage are you doing when you prepare for a marathon?

Coming into 2016 what was your thought process when deciding to run for Latvia for the Olympics?

For their marathon team, do they simply select based off current times or do they hold a trials?

So you headed to Rio for your first Olympics. What was it like walking in the opening ceremonies?

How did the race in Rio go for you?

How long did you end up staying in Rio and did you get a chance to see any other events?

So what was your training like the week you spent down in Brazil?

Your team gives back a lot to the local running community. What advice would you have to young runners just starting out?

So what is next on the agenda for you?

Rapid Fire... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Running Within
Current trainers you are wearing? - Brooks Ravena
Favorite race? - Valmiera Marathon
Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Generation UCAN Chocolate
Your favorite piece of running equipment that is not your shoes? - Garmin

You can find Ariana online in the following places:

Ariana's Website
Sonoran Distance Project
Ariana on Twitter


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