Final Surge Partners with Coach Jim Vance and Stryd to Integrate Running Power Metrics and Offer Power-based Training Plans

Final Surge partners with Coach Jim Vance and Stryd to display running power metrics and utilize power-based run training zones. Additionally, Coach Vance's power-based run training plans will now be offered through Final Surge.

Olympic and World Championship coach Jim Vance has partnered with Final Surge to provide power-based run training zones and power-based training plans on the Final Surge platform. Jim has been working with Stryd and is the author of Run with Power, the groundbreaking guide to running with a power meter. Jim's power-based training zones are automatically calculated for users upon entering their Running Functional Threshold Power (rFTPw) in the Final Surge platform.

Additionally, the Final Surge platform now displays data from Stryd power meter devices. This data includes Running Power, Form Power and Leg Spring Stiffness in addition to Running Dynamic metrics such as Stride Length, Vertical Oscillation, and Ground Contact Time.

"Running with power, especially using Stryd, is the next breakthrough in the sport of running. This season I have first hand seen Ben Kanute, a Rio Olympian, benefit from the use of it in training and racing. We used it to pace him on the run off the bike, which he used to finish 2nd at the 70.3 World Championships.

I am very excited about working with Final Surge to provide running power-based training plans to runners, triathletes, and cyclists, using the latest technology available!" said Coach Vance.

"Since its founding, Stryd's mission has been to empower endurance athletes of all abilities and demographics—from the youth and age group level to elite and Olympic athletes—to train more effectively and race more efficiently. Partnering with Final Surge will enable more athletes and coaches to understand and utilize the tremendous training and racing potential of Stryd and running with power," Stryd Co-Founder Jamie Williamson said.

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About Jim Vance

Jim Vance is an elite coach, author, and sports technology consultant. He is the personal coach to 2016 US Olympian and 2017 70.3 World Championship Silver Medalist Ben Kanute.

Jim has written two books – Triathlon 2.0 and Run with Power, and co-edited Triathlon Science with best-selling training author, Joe Friel. He has coached elite National Champions, World Championship podium performances, and countless Ironman World Championship qualifiers.

Jim is considered one of the foremost experts on running with power, and his success in the triathlon world make him one of the top coaches in endurance sports.

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About Stryd

Stryd, the world’s first wearable running power meter, uses state-of-the-art, lab-tested technology that accurately measures running power, running form, distance, and pace, all in real-time. Stryd provides the ultimate racing experience by basing race strategies on personalized data taken from individual athlete’s training and then giving the athlete real-time guidance on race-day.

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About Final Surge

Final Surge is the training and coaching platform that empowers athletes and coaches to reach fitness and performance excellence like never before. Final Surge has all of the features you need to track and analyze your training, from communicating with coaches and planning future workouts to importing workout and GPS data from your fitness devices, including the Final Surge app on your mobile device.

Final Surge was created by athletes and coaches who are also professional software developers. After using Final Surge, you will agree they completely understand today’s complex and demanding training environment.

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