Introducing Running Wizard!

Announcing the launch of Running Wizard – customized training plans to help you arrive at your goal race in peak condition!

Final Surge is proud to announce the launch of, a partnership site built with the Lydiard Foundation that generates training plans for runners based on the principles of coaching legend Arthur Lydiard. Each plan is customized to your current fitness level, the amount of time you have to train until your race, how many days you want to run each week, and what day you prefer to do your long run on. Running Wizard gives you a suggested distance, duration and pace for each workout, explains each workout type in detail, and takes you through the five phases of Lydiard training in a manner that helps prevent injury and safely progresses your fitness level so that you can reach your goal race in peak condition.

Final Surge Integration

Running Wizard offers 1500m, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon training plans. Once created, each plan can be imported into your Final Surge training log account so that you can combine all of the features you love about Final Surge with your custom training schedule.

Before you create your plan, Running Wizard will calculate how much you can improve your race time by using their free Race Time Predictor.

The Lydiard Foundation

Lorraine Moller, President of Lydiard Foundation, is a 4-time Olympian in the marathon and won the bronze medal for New Zealand in 1992. In addition, Lorraine was the 1984 Boston Marathon champion and three-time winner of the Osaka International Ladies Marathon. Bringing the training philosophy and system of Arthur Lydiard to athletes and coaches worldwide has been the vision of Lydiard Foundation since its inception, and Running Wizard is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.

"I can personally vouch that there is no other training system that comes close in terms of PERFORMANCE, FITNESS and overall HEALTH for the long-term." – Lorraine Moller

Lydiard Foundation Co-Founder, Nobuya "Nobby" Hashizume, lived with Arthur Lydiard at his home in New Zealand for 12 months in 1984. Nobby was Lydiard's prize pupil and learned everything he could about Lydiard’s philosophy and training system. Nobby later moved back to Japan and became a professional corporate running team coach for Hitachi for three years before moving to the United States. The Lydiard Foundation was officially announced in 2004 at the Boston Marathon. Arthur Lydiard was touring the United States that year and passed away that December in the U.S.

"Lydiard training can be used for anybody at any ability in any situation. But it takes a bit of adjusting. With Running Wizard, you are already 2/3 of the way!! Everybody trains hard. But most people don't realize the right training for them, consequently they end up training too hard, not enjoying running as they should, ending up getting hurt. But we still strongly recommend taking our Lydiard Certificate Course, getting further understanding the training principles." – Nobby Hashizume

About Arthur Lydiard

New Zealand's Arthur Lydiard is most known for coaching three-time Olympic gold medalist and former world record holder Peter Snell, Olympic gold medalist Murray Halberg and Olympic bronze medalist Barry Magee during the 1960 and 1964 Olympics, which was considered New Zealands "Golden Era" of middle and long distance running. Remarkably, the athletes that Lydiard coached lived locally in his neighborhood and were not handpicked for their talent like other countries were doing at the time. He proved his adage that "Champions are everywhere you just have to train them correctly."

Lydiard’s fame spread and he later consulted with National Sporting Federations all over the world to teach them his methods. Today, many world-class coaches and athletes attribute the methodologies of Arthur Lydiard to their success, and his principles are continuing to be taught world-wide.

Running Wizard Launch Special

With the launch of the new site, all Running Wizard training plans are 50% off until June 1st. Take advantage this special now by getting your custom training plan to take your running to the next level! Create your plan now at

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