The Drag and Drop Calendar is here!

We are excited to officially announce that workouts on the Final Surge calendar are now draggable. This new feature makes planning and rearranging workout calendars much quicker and will save both coaches and athletes a lot of time. There are three ways to take advantage of this new feature: (1) Drag to Move, (2) Shift + Drag to Copy, and (3) Drag from Library to Add.

Drag to Move

If there is an existing workout on your calendar that you simply need to move to a different day (past or future), just grab the workout with your mouse and drag it to the new day. The workout will disappear from the old day, and the workout will appear on the day to which it was moved. In addition, if you need to reorder workouts on a given day, you can drag a workout that appears before or after an existing workout on that day to change the order in which they appear.

Shift + Drag to Copy

If you would like to copy an existing workout on your calendar to a new day, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then drag the workout to the day on which you want it copied. When you grab the workout with your mouse while holding Shift, you will see the word “copying…” appear at the bottom of the workout. This confirms you are making a copy of it. When you drag the workout to the new day and release your mouse, a copy of that workout will be saved to the new day. This is a great feature if you are planning a future schedule and you or your athlete repeats a workout on a regular basis (like a long run or a rest day). You can hold down the Shift key and easily drag that workout to multiple days to quickly copy it.

Drag from Library to Add

Our final drag and drop feature incorporates the Workout Library. If you use the Workout Library in Final Surge to store workouts that you use on a regular basis, you can now grab a workout from this library and drag it directly onto the calendar. When you search for a workout in your library, you will now see the workout appear in your library listing just as it would appear on your calendar (a colored box with the activity type and planned distance and duration listed). You can now grab this workout box with your mouse and drag it onto the calendar to add it to a day. The old functionality of our library is still there (clicking on the name or description so that the workout information pre-populates the Quick Add) in case you want to make changes to the workout right before you add it. However, the new drag and drop functionality will allow you to quickly add multiple workouts to a calendar in just a few seconds.

This new functionality has been added to both the athlete and team calendars. In the coming days, this functionality will also be available on the training plan calendar for coaches. In addition, we’ll be adding a few bells and whistles to this feature to improve your experience even more.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. We will continue to do our best to improve Final Surge by incorporating the feedback we receive from our athletes and coaches.

Team Final Surge

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