Final Surge Podcast Episode 52: Nick Symmonds

In Episode 52 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to World Silver Medalist and CEO of Run Gum, Nick Symmonds. Nick recently ran his final 800m race as a professional and now turns his attention to completing his first marathon later this year. We discuss Nick's marathon training along with the state of professional track and field.

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Final Surge Podcast. Today we welcome back Olympian and World Silver Medalist Nick Symmonds who joined us previously on Episode 25. In this episode, we talk about Nick's last race around the oval and his transition from 800m specialist to marathoner. Next week Final Surge has some big news that Nick will be helping us promote, and we'll be giving away a free year's supply of Run Gum during this promotion. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Twitter page for full details.

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Last time we talked you announced this was going to be your last season on a track and then you were going to finish off your career with a marathon. So how did your last race go?

How do you think that 800m team that qualified from the U.S. will do at Worlds?

You have done thousands of laps around that oval, knowing these were going to be your final two laps racing, what was going through your mind as you were waiting for the race to start?

It was hot in Sacramento, but considering the heat, the crowds in the stands were not what I am sure was being hoped for. What do you think we need to do to package track differently to get people back into the stands?

Last week I watched the championship race of the Tracktown Summer Series, where you were one of the team managers. I liked the team concept and found it really interesting. I found myself pulling for San Francisco and Portland because of the team managers. What do you think they did successfully that could be used to build off of?

You have things you would like to do, but you also know the leadership in the sport. What do you think is the future of the sport? Where do you think we will be in 10 years?

Are there any groups you think are doing track right? Do you think the Diamond League or any country is doing it well and growing the sport?

One thing I think track can do better is marketing the athletes. Part of that is the athlete doing what they can to build their own fan base. One way you are successful with this is your new vLog. How did that come about?

Who is helping you with these vLogs? What does the production for them look like?

In Episode 25 you told our listeners that you would be doing a marathon, then in your vLog you announced your marathon is going to be the Honolulu Marathon. Why did you choose this race?

Just looking at you, your body has a build of an 800/1500 runner. What are your plans for training? Do you plan on trying to drop weight or to see what you can achieve with your current build?

How is your nutrition changing?

One thing you talk about in the vLog is having goals. What will be your goal after a marathon? An ultra?

If you qualify for Boston would you run it?

Your Run Gum business is going well and I am sure it is a full-time job. How are you going to balance your business and training schedule?

How is your marathon training being handled and are you using your coach?

What does a week of training look like right now?

Coming into the U.S. 800m, what was your peak mileage?

One of our listeners would like to know an example of workout(s) planned in the peak mileage phase of your marathon cycle?

Run Gum is offering an all expendes paid trip to run the Honolulu Marathon with you. Can you tell our listeners about that?

We usually end with the Final Surge round, but if anyone wants to hear your answers they can check out Episode 25. I want to do something different here. I want to thank you. As a high school coach, when I ask my kids who their favorite runner is the most popular answer is Nick Symmonds. You have been such a great ambassador for the sport. You have been such a great advocate for the athlete. You have given back so much to the sport and have taken time to talk to and inspire kids and sign autographs. I want to thank you for all you have done for the sport and wish you the best.


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