Feature Update: Social Walls for your Athletes, Teams and Clubs!

Coaches and club leaders can now launch their own private social wall within the Final Surge app, allowing athletes to interact with each other, share workouts, post photos, comments and more!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Social Wall, a private social media experience that will help foster a community among your athletes, teams and clubs. The social wall is available in both the full web platform and the Final Surge iOS and Android apps. If your coach has enabled this feature for your team, you can find the social wall on the web Dashboard as well as at the bottom navigation of the apps.

From the Web Dashboard:

From the Apps:

The Final Surge Social Walls have all the features you'd expect in a social media experience, such as liking and commenting on Social Wall posts and a full photo gallery selector with camera access. However, unlike commercial social media, the Final Surge social media experience is free from non-athlete or non-member posts, sponsored posts, advertising, and any advertising-related user tracking.

This is a private social media experience that only your athletes have access to. The social wall will help increase your athlete’s engagement and help make them feel part of a supportive community.


Enabling Social Walls for your Athletes, Teams & Clubs

Each coach can enable this feature and decide which teams in their coaching account have access to the Social Wall. To turn this feature on, go the main coaching navigation at the top of the log and select "Social Walls".

From there, you can then create a Social Wall by typing in a custom name for the wall and deciding which teams in your account will have access to the wall. Simply check the box next to each team name that you want to access the wall and click "Add Social Wall" to create it.

Once you have created the wall, any athlete who is a member of a team you have given access to will see the wall in both the web platform and the Final Surge iOS and Android apps.

We truly hope athletes will have fun with this new feature and that it will help increase engagement among athletes, teams and clubs!

As always, if you have any questions about how the new social wall works, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Team Final Surge

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