Alan Webb, Tara Welling, Ryan Vail and RunDoyen Partner with Final Surge to Power New Coaching Company

Final Surge will be the official training log of RunDoyen, a new coaching company aimed at helping the running community connect with and be coached by professional runners such as American Record Holder Alan Webb, Tara Welling and Ryan Vail.

RunDoyen has selected Final Surge to be the official training log of their new coaching company. RunDoyen, founded by professional runners including Alan Webb, Tara Welling, Ryan Vail, Aaron Braun, Jess Tonn and Scott Bauhs, has a mission to build a stronger running community by connecting runners with some of the top professional athletes in the world, such as Alan Webb, American Record Holder in the mile (3:46.91), a U.S. Olympian and 4-Time U.S. Champion.

Each "Doyen" is among the most accomplished in their sport. Throughout their experience, they have each developed their own tips, insights and training philosophies that they will utilize to help improve you as a runner.

Runners can schedule a 30 or 60-minute video chat consultation with one of these top professionals, or, they can hire them as their personal coach to develop a training plan using Final Surge, an interactive coaching platform for athletes, coaches, teams and clubs.

"We're very excited to partner with Final Surge" said Jordan Welling, RunDoyen CEO and co-founder with his wife Tara. "Final Surge provides best in class training features and a seamless platform for both our coaches and athletes to use. We’re confident that it will enable the best possible interactions to enable our training plans."

Final Surge Social Media Director Dean Ouellette added "This is a natural fit for our platform and we're excited to help connect endurance athletes with these top pros. RunDoyen can leverage the Final Surge platform for their one-on-one coaching and help each runner take full advantage of the opportunity to have direct access to these world-class professionals."

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About RunDoyen

"RunDoyen is a completely new concept, and we believe that it can really help impact the running community for the better" said Alan Webb, Chief Doyen. "This sport has given me so much throughout my career and now I’m excited to give back and help other runners".

Ryan Vail, a 2:10:57 marathoner, who also serves as the Chief Operating Officer for RunDoyen adds "RunDoyen seeks to close the gap between various levels and disciplines within the running community, bringing top professional runners directly to you through online meetings. We want to empower all runners by allowing direct and personalized engagement, ranging from quick online chats to long-term coaching and training plans."


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